Taibah Knowledge Company

The development of Taibah knowledge Waqf ‘s projects and investments dependon a strong commercial investment arm wholly-owned by the Waqf. Thus, this investment arm is the main source of Waqf income, which aims to develop investment assets and financial resources and reaching the targeted returns to support the waqf expenses.

Board Members

Dr. Adil Ahmad Bushnak

Board Chairman

Mr. Abd AlHaleem Lal

Founding Partner of ZY Arabia Co. Ltd

Eng. Abdul Rahman Alkhoraiji

Chairman of Al-Khuraiji Group

Eng. Anas Serafi

Founder and head of Abnia Engineering Consulting Company


The Waqf Company «Taibah Knowledge Co. Ltd. » is working on developing several investment projects in the  region of Al-Madinah, the proceeds of which are fully paid to Waqf. The projects include:

  • Renewable Energy Project (Solar / Wind Energy).
  • Groundwater Utilization Project (Central Area and its surroundings).
  • Dairy and Cheese factory project in Al-Madinah.
  • Sky Tap Project.
  • Aquaponics Farming Project.
  • Biosaline Agriculture on the red sea coast Project.
  • Real estate investment project around the central area.
  • Water desalination plants (Independent Water Project- IWP).